Jessica Rossi

I was born in Toronto, Canada. Since my childhood I have been surrounded by creativity. I moved to Italy when I was 11 and when I grew up I studied in the Politecnico di Milano to become an Industrial Designer

During those years photography became more and more present in my life. I began to discover its magic during a photography class in the Facultad de Bellas Artes of Valencia. Since I began living in Spain I have attended many courses and finally I landed in the International Masters in Photography in EFTI, Madrid.

My passion is to create portraits, I find it exciting to capture the escaping moments of an expression in an image and at the same time I find that I express myself through other people. 

I created a series entitled INTERLUDE that was recognized in 'Descubrimientos PHOTOespaña 2011'. I participated in exhibitions and am developing my artistic work while, at the same time, I advance with my carrier.

I work mostly with portraits and events, in constant contact with people and with the strong desire to transform a fleeing moment in a lasting memory.

el cubo de dora

el cubo de dora is based on the idea of little boxes, containers of ideas, of moments, of expressions, of memories.

You may open one of these boxes today or in many years and re-discover and re-live episodes of your life through your unique and personal images.

It's a little box that tells a story thanks to the help of professional photographers that besides having profound photographic knowledge, also strive to explore the possibilities that every portrait can offer by representing an interior emotion: the photography obtained is fresh, spontaneous, natural.

el cubo de dora covers any kind of reportage, weddings, baptisms, communions, portraits, making of. Each client is treated with unique and personalized care and the promised result is a collection of memories with a touch of creativity and rigorous care. 

Exhibitions y Recognitions

Photo Phnom Penh, Festival Fotográfico de Camboya, con INTERLUDE, coordinated by Christian Caujolle, Camboya 2011

Retratos. Una Exposición Fotográfica, Circulo de Bellas Artes, with INTERLUDE, coordinated by Eduardo Momeñe, Madrid - Spain 2011

Retratos Jovenes Fotógrafos, A.C. Mediodia Chica, with INTERLUDE, coordinated by Amaya Hernández, Madrid - Spain 2011

Descubrimiento PHOTOespaña 2011, with INTERLUDE, Madrid - Spain 2011

Exposición Colectiva Alumnos Master’, Sala EFTI, with 'GATHERING WOOL AFTER WINTER', Madrid - Spain 2010

De Tal Palo Tal Astilla’, Sala Tarazona Foto en la Ermita Virgen del Río, with 'GATHERING WOOL AFTER WINTER', coordinated by Jose Latova, Tarazona - Spain 2010   +34 605391135